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Ghana Best Kenkey 900 grams

Ghana Best Kenkey

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Ghana Best Real Ghanian Kenkey 900 grams

Tradionally prepared from fermented dough, wrapped and cooked in traditional corn husk for full flavour, and specially packed to retain freshness.

Kenkey is one of the principal fermented foods consumed in Ghana. It is prepared from fermented ground white corn (maize). To prepare kenkey, the corn has to be ground first into flour and mixed with warm water, followed by fermentation (for two to three days) into maize dough.

The fermented dough is kneaded with the hands until it is thoroughly mixed and slightly stiffened, after which it is divided into two equal parts. One part of the fermented dough is partially cooked in a large pot of water for about ten minutes, stirring constantly and vigorously, after which it is combined with the remaining uncooked dough and mixed well. The cooked half of the dough is called “aflata”. The aflata-dough mixture is divided into serving-sized pieces and wrapped tightly in banana leaves, cornhusks, or foil. The wrapped dough packets are placed on a wire rack above water in a large pot and allowed to boil and steam for one to three hours, depending on their size and thickness.

The final product, kenkey is served with a sauce or any fish or meat dish.


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